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How to Celebrate a Non-Valentines Day.

How to Celebrate a Non-Valentines Day.

I am sort of the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day or maybe a better description is the Valentine’s Day Grinch. If I could, I would probably go around to all of the stores and bag up all of the Valentine’s Day stuff and burn it. And no it is not because I lack “love” in my life or do not cherish the man... 

Top Ten Reasons Not to Pejazzle or Scrotazzle

Top Ten Reasons Not to Pejazzle or Scrotazzle

Silly boy, bling is for girls Mornings in the Dahle¬†house start out pretty much the same each day–My husband and I wake up, he goes to the kitchen and pours us both a cup of coffee, he brings the cups back to bed where we sit and enjoy our coffee while scanning through our iPhones. I generally check the weather and email... 

Sex and this Girl’s City: Are Men Really From Mars?

Sex and this Girl’s City: Are Men Really From Mars?, Photographer: Master isolated images In May of 1992, John Gray published a book entitled “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and at the time it gained the attraction of the world. Women flocked to bookstores to purchase the one book that would finally explain to them why their husbands/significant... 

A Recipe for Sex–Actually A Recipe for Better than Sex Cake

A Recipe for Sex–Actually A Recipe for Better than Sex Cake

I don't think it is better than sex but it is awesome. After last night’s blog on Sex and This Girl’s City, I thought is was fitting to find a recipe that would carry (no pun intended) on with the same theme–since I am not a sex blogger and all. ūüôā So this morning when I learned that we would be headed... 

Sex and This Girl’s City

Sex and This Girl’s City

Copyright: HBO Productions, Sex and the City I have often thought that Carrie Bradshaw would have been a wildly successful blogger if Sex and the City had been created 21st century. Instead of her weekly column in the New York Star where the public could read her article but not respond, she could have had a fabulous blog called... 

Sex and Your Health

Sex and Your Health

The candles are lit, music is softly playing, you and your man are quietly kissing softly on the bed. Bodies tangled and clothes begin to fall off. The mood is set and you start to think, “what health benefits will I get from having sex tonight.” Well, ¬†probably not at that very moment, at least I hope not. But... 

What motivates you to exercise?

What motivates you to exercise?

Photo by Andy Newson, How many times have¬†you¬†walked past the¬†mirror and thought “I really need to start exercising?”¬†Or maybe when¬†you¬†are sitting under the hair dryer at the salon reading a magazine; you see all of those celebrities and their “perfect” bodies and you... 

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