Home Fashion Trends of 2011

This past week was fashion week and all eyes are on the facinating trends in clothing. I have to admit I am not different than most, I have been paying quite a bit of attention to it as well. In fact, I  just spent more morning writing an article on men’s fashion in 2011 (for someone else). Even though I am a west coast girl and us west coasties tend to pick up on fashion slightly later than the New Yorkers, I do enjoy keeping track of what is coming next.

However, as much as I enjoy fashion buy CBD products clothing, I much prefer to focus on the trends in home decor. I find that people are generally more cautious and less risk taking when it comes to home fashion. Most likely because when you commit to a trend for your home, you will more likely be sticking to that trend for a longer time then those gladiator sandals you bought from last season. Home decor ultimately is more costly and not as easily tossed aside as clothing trends.

Though ironically, whether is be fashion or home decor, the trends are very similar. 1980’s with a futuristic twist.

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    Home Fashion Trends of 2011

    This past week was fashion week and all eyes are on the facinating trends in clothing. I have to admit...

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