Charleston: The South’s Best Restaurants

Visiting Charleston, South Carolina is like stepping into a Thomas Kinkade painting; everything is picture perfect. Every building you walk past and every home you glance at is breathtaking. But, Charleston is much more than just a beautiful city. It is a city overflowing with Southern charm. This Southern charm is exemplified by true Southern hospitality and tastes of some of the best food in the South. So choose one of the great hotels in Charleston to stay in, and head out for some great Southern food.

Hominy Grill – A Local’s Favorite

Image via Flickr by Charleston’s TheDigitel

The Hominy Grill is best described as a true Southern restaurant. From fried chicken, and hushpuppies to friend green tomatoes and catfish po-boys, this restaurant has every southern delight you want. However, what Locals and visitors alike, come to the Hominy Grill in search of the Big Nasty sandwich. This sandwich consists of a fried chicken breast, dressed in white cheddar cheese, placed in a biscuit and smothered with sausage gravy. It doesn’t get more Southern than this.

The Grocery – Like Being on a Farm

The Grocery advertises that they serve food farm fresh, and they are not kidding. When you sit down at a table in the grocery and take a bite of your food, you will think that it was picked from the garden that morning and the meat is just as fresh. Guests visit the Grocery for brunch or dinner, and they especially love the happy hour specials. With a huge selection of micro-brews and great sharable appetizers, this is the place to go for happy hour.

Bowen’s Island Restaurant – It’s All About the Oysters

There is no better place for seafood in Charleston than the Bowen’s Island Restaurant. Here the oysters are raved about, and there is a great selection of shrimp and other fish entrees. If you choose to have oysters the experience is one you will not forget; from ordering upstairs, to the oyster pickup downstairs, to the taste, it is all unforgettable. But what puts Bowen’s Island Restaurant over the edge is the gorgeous views of the sun setting over the water.

FIG – A Must for All Charleston Visitors

Everyone, who visits Charleston, agrees that FIG is “the” place to eat. And it is clear that food is the passion of the chefs at FIG. Here they create masterpieces out of seasonally fresh and locally grown food. However, even though the food can be considered gourmet, the atmosphere is not. Combining elegant bistro with local café, this is a place where you can come for a casual dinner or a night out on the town.

Martha Lou’s Kitchen – Best Fried Chicken in the South

You can’t come to Charleston and not have friend chicken. So make sure you stop by Martha Lou’s Kitchen where she serves the best soul food around, including her incredible fried chicken. Although Martha Lou’s only takes cash and is off the beaten path, make sure you find your way to the kitchen, as this is some of the best food you will ever have.

Have you been to Charleston, South Carolina? If so, what other great restaurants would you recommend?

Author Bio: Carrie Dahle is a multi-talented writer living no place in particular. Why, because she is too busy traveling. Her travels have included bike riding down volcanoes, maneuvering the waves of Hawaii, sailing the seas of the Caribbean, and so much more. While Carrie has spent countless hours in copywriting, and producing website content, she has transformed herself into a fantastic travel writer and is currently working on Hipmunk projects.


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