Are You Living in an American Horror Story?

"American Horror Story" on FX

Everyone knows it is a bad idea to buy the old Victorian house whose previous owners died in it by murder-suicide. It is even worse when they weren’t the first owners/visitors to have this same fate.

Wednesday night,  “American Horror Story,” premiered on FX.  The Harmons, Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton), and Violet (Taissa Farmiga), are trying to escape the problems they have been drowning in on the east coast and head west where they move into the Victorian beauty mentioned above. Surprise, they have a new problem, their new house is haunted.

“American Horror Story” addresses all of the classic horror euphemisms–all within the first episode. You have the haunted house, the strange lady from next door, the ghostly maid, jars containing body parts in the basement, and the creepy little red head twins that obviously get murdered. Add to that the “ghost” or “demon” in the basement and in one show you have created the perfect horror story.

But this really is not a review of the new show; rather, it was an “ice-breaker”  for the wonderment circling my head this evening. I’m not sure if it is the fact that I just watched the premier or the fact that I am all alone in my 1920’s Cape Cod (not Victorian, thank God) home that has me wondering how many other people out there have experiences similar to that on the show.

No I am not suggesting that they literally go down to the basement where they are attacked by some sort of ghostly creature. Even though I struggled a bit going into my own basement this evening to check the air filters before firing up the heat for the first time this season. But I am also the girl who at 16 watched “Silence of the Lambs” with my then boyfriend, now husband, and was scared to death to walk from his house to my car and again from my car to my house–I didn’t want to be kidnapped, thrown and a hole and skinned anymore than I want to be attacked by a crazy demon ghost. Anyway,  what I am saying is how many people either think they have ghosts or live next to the home that they swear is haunted?

It seems like every town has at least one haunted house. One house about which everyone has a crazy story–maybe true, maybe not. A house that kids dare other kids to visit. You know the story.

I know as a kid we had our haunted house in town and yes it was an old Victorian. At the top of Laurel street on Almond street, I would have to pass the creepy old house every day. From the time I could remember it was always boarded up and everything around it was overgrown and run down. I was always so scared to go past it and most times I ran as fast as I could so not to get snatched up by whatever was inside.

From the front all you saw was the boards and a broken window here and there where the brave kids had gone as far to throw rocks at the house. But the ghostly part was always the fact that around the back side there was frequently lights going on and off. Add to that the shadowy movement and the fact that supposedly no one lived there and you had a textbook haunted house.

Maybe it is because Halloween is slowly approaching that this intrigues me so much. Or maybe it is just my need to torture myself when I am alone alone in my oversized, creaky old house. But no matter what it is, I have to say I am more than a bit intregued as to the reality of this topic. In fact I have just spent several hours reading up on it and pondering the probability that it is real.

Throughout history, paranormal experts, scientists and normal everyday people have been trying to answer the question, “are ghosts real?” And interestingly, it is kinda like asking if “God” is real. Just like with faith in God, there is a portion of people who are absolutely certain there are ghosts and there is another set of people that say it is all nonsense. And if you believe in it, it is very real. But if you don’t, well it is hard to convince otherwise.

Interestingly there are all sorts of theories on what an actual ghost is and why they are “haunting.” Spirits of those who have died were or are not ready to move on is a popular reasoning. There is even possible evidence and eyewitnesses to back up many of these stories. But again as with any belief, it is all a matter of opinion, experience, and upbringing. And just like other opinions and beliefs, there are tons of websites and blogs to support one side or another. So which is right?

Now  as I sit in my old home alone (yes I know I keep repeating myself but it is highly probable that that is why I am considering such things as this) I sit here wondering, are you living in an American horror story?

Do you have ghosts or do you live in a haunted house? Have you personally witnessed something creepy? I am dying to know (no pun intended 🙂  ) and to hear your story. Please feed my hunger and share–at the very least it will get me ready for Halloween. But more importantly, maybe it will shed light on the subject.




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