A Blogger’s List of Must-Have iPhone Apps

As a writer/blogger I have found that I have a huge need to stay connected with my blog and the social world that surrounds it. The trouble with that is unless you have no life outside of sitting in front of a computer, it can be a bit challenging to stay that connected.

That is unless you have an iPhone (or maybe an iPad, not sure, I am still waiting for mine 🙂  ).

Wait, hold on–this is not going to be one of those one-sided attempts at promoting Apple, iPhones, and all the incredibly great iPhone apps out there. I am not going to tell you how horrible Bill Gates and Microsoft are. In fact, my household is a bit divided as we have a great mix of iPods, MacBooks and PCs.

However, I am a huge fan of the Apple iPhone but not for the typical reasons. Yes, it’s fun and I would not have any other cell phone. But honestly outside of my purpose for writing this post (a bloggers must-have iPhone app list), it’s my portable entertainment. Got time to kill? Grab your iPhone and play a game, check the weather, or check your email.

Check your email–kinda a constant on my iPhone. I can’t remember the last time I actually went to my computer to check my email–respond to emails that require more than a few sentences, yes, but not just to check my inbox. I am not sure how this is possible but I actually have 9 email accounts set up on my iPhone. So the first thing I do is check my personal account because those are usually my favorites. Then I check my multiple work accounts so not to miss anything important. Lastly I check in on the kids and make sure all is right in their worlds.

Oh but wait the entertainment doesn’t stop there–when I’m through with email, I can load my Facebook app. I will already know if I have anything new on my wall because I would have received the all important email. But I check anyway. Plus if there is nothing new in my immediate world I can check in on my closest 678 friends.

When there is nothing new is going on, nobody is calling, nobody is emailing I go check Twitter! There is always something going on there. And if I’m lucky, I might just have a mention somewhere.

See what I mean, my iPhone is full of great entertainment and lucky for me, I have now convinced you that the only reason I need my iPhone is because I am completely co-dependent and I need to be needed by others. Who knows where that comes from, maybe because I am the middle child. I suppose I could seek therapy but instead, I will settle for my much-needed iPhone. 🙂

So returning to the point of this blog–amongst all of my much-needed entertainment, I have found a group of iPhone apps that as a writer/blogger, I just can’t live without. And while I am sure many of you also have your favorites, I have found that when I want to find great new apps, I google “must-have apps” and often find apps that I have never heard about before or that I have forgotten I wanted to get.

So here is it–A Blogger’s list of Must-Have iPhone Apps

  1. WordPress

    For the Blogger, Wordpress is where is all begins and ends. While ideally you would like to sit in front of your computer and type away at your posts, most of us are not always near our computer when ideas hit us. Therefore, having the WordPress app on your iPhone can really make a difference. Many times I put up with typing away on my phones key pad just so I don’t lose the thoughts that are rolling through my head at a given moment.

    Along with being able to blog directly from you phone, you can read, approve and reply to comments. You can check your stats–which admit it we all need to feed our egos from time to time. You have  the ability to edit your posts and pages. Basically everything you would need to do on the go is possible.


  2. EverNote

     EverNote is a seamless way to take notes and keep them all organized.  With this app you can take notes, snap picture, create to-do lists, and record audio. All of which is then synchronized and can be accessed online when you are back at your computer.

    As a blogger constantly on the run, this app is perfect for me. Now anytime an idea comes to mind I can jot it down. Or better yet record it in audio when I am driving around.

    You know that picture you just had to take, well lock it away in EverNote for that next post.




  3. Jott

     Now instead of typing out those long emails on your iPhone keyboard, you start speaking and Jott will voice to text transcribe. That text will then show up on Jott notes where from there you can email it out to anyone. I don’t know about you but when your life is as busy as mine, this can be a real time saver.



  4. Adobe Photoshop Express

    Have you ever been in such a rush that you are able to get the text typed up for your next post but you did not have time to edit and import that photo you wanted? Now with the ease of the Adobe Photoshop Express App you can do it right from your phone. Even better now you don’t have to send your pictures from your iPhone to your computer just to edit them to perfection.

    This app is incredibly easy to use and will make editing your pictures much more simple.

  5. JotNot

    Blogger or business person, this is one app you will want. JotNot turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. JotNot will convert the pictures you take of documents into pdf, png or jpeg files. Unlike just taking a regular picture, JotNot improves upon the image making it easier to read.

    Oh and one more added bonus–JotNot integrates with EverNote.



    6. ByLine

    ByLine is an app that enables you to read and sync the RSS items from your subscriptions in Google Reader on your iPhone. Because the basic concept behind this app is it is a syncing tool, you are able read everything even when you are not connected to the internet (assuming of course that you recently synced when you were connected).

    Since part of being a blogger is also participating in other communities this is a great app to keep you connected to those worlds.


    7. TweetDeck

    We may be regressing here a bit back to my co-dependent need for contact with others and constant entertainment but TweetDeck is an absolute must-have. If you are tired of flipping back and forth to see updates on Twitter and Facebook, this app will allow you to see both at the same time and interact with them as well. I have added TweetDeck to my computer but now I have it on my iPhone as well and it is the best. 

    Well there you have it–not only have you shared in my middle child syndrome therapy but you now have a great list of must-have apps. 

    I am however sure that you have others you think should be on this list–so please feel free to comment and share your favorites. I look forward to adding more apps to my list.

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