Manscaping–What’s Hot and What’s Not!!!

Gone are the days when women enjoyed their men looking like cavemen. This may have been extremely hot in the 70’s and 80’s, but come on guys, we are in the 21st century, and most women like myself are not into all that hair. I certainly DO NOT  want to hit the beach this summer (or any other public venue) with a man that takes off his shirt and reveals his lovely man sweater. That would be the farthest thing from sexy that I can think of (well maybe not, but it is towards the top of the list).

On the flip side, a man taking on the appearance of a little boy is equally unattractive. Some men have gone to the extremes and taking it all off leaving their bodies soft an smooth like a babies butt. For me, that is taking it way too far. I am not interested in my husband looking like a pre-teen boy. If I wanted to play the role of a cougar I would have gone after a younger man and I am proud to say I am the younger one in this relationship.

With all of this in mind what is a man supposed to do? Manscape of course. Now guys don’t panic this is not anything like Vajazzling–there is no gluing jewels on your jewels. Manscaping does not have one specific definition but you can sum it up by saying it is the male version of hair grooming in all places. Urban dictionary defines it more specifically as grooming of a mans pubic region, but for today’s topic we  won’t be quite so limiting and we will cover it all including what’s hot and what’s not.

Get your mind out of the gutters–manscaping is not just for porn stars and dirty sex. I know I have been on a sex kick lately with my Sex and This Girl’s City and A Recipe for Sex, but this post is just as clean as the others. No R ratings here. No need to panic, this trek will be down a safe path.

Let’s get started and work from the top down….

Hair on a man’s head is not that important to me. It is very similar to how I feel about my hair, in that it is a very personal choice. I do not want my husband to tell me I must have long hair or I must have short hair–I want the freedom to have it any which way I feel. So I am not about to tell my man he has to have it long or short or in between. Honestly no matter what style hair a man decides to take on he just needs to look clean and maintained. If his hair looks like it is filthy and unkept, girls are not going to  want anything to do with him. It is like Tom Brady who was attractive until he stopped cutting and washing his hair and  stopped shaving–he went from hot to not.

Nose, ears and eye brows are all a little touchy but really should be discussed. Guys, I know that as you get older you naturally begin to grow more hair in these places. But really, do you think your girl wants to kiss up and down your neck and see hairs coming out at her from your ears? Absolutely not. We all get older, and there is no need to botox up and change that but you can manage it little. So lose the ear and nose hair and trim up the eyebrows. I know that some of you are saying “there is no way I am going to a salon and having my brows waxed”–there is no need, hit up your barber for a little trim. Unless you have a unibrow all you need to do is have the barber trim your brows when he trims your hair. It is really that simple.

Facial hair, in my opinion, is a lot like the hair on your head–you can look good with it or without it, but it must be maintained and clean. My husband is one of those guys who looks really good clean shaven and really good with just a little facial hair. Not all of you guys out there can be go both ways. So do what works for you and keep it maintained–don’t go Grizzly Adams on your girl.

Back hair is out and has got to go. I can still remember the first time I watched the Sex and the City episode where Harry had his back waxed for Charlotte–although Charlotte had found Harry attractive she was not fond of his back hair and she was horrified at the thought of being seen in public with him shirtless. She had spent hours fretting over a pool party they were to attend together. The thought of Harry’s harry back in public was more than she could bear. When they finally got to the party and he took his shirt off at the pool, she was so excited when she saw how clean and hair free his back was. Now did Harry have to remove his back hair to make her love him? No, but it definitely help with her attraction to him. So guys, if you want your girl to want to be seen with you walking along the beach, you best remove the back hair.

Chest hair is good. It is part of becoming a man and I personally find it attractive. Now you don’t want it spreading beyond your chest and  growing up onto you shoulders and back and down your arms–remember, no man sweaters. At this point I would hope you are clear on what a man sweater is but if you are still unsure than go check out Ralph on the current season of Survivor. Ralph is the spokesman for man sweaters.  Guys too much hair is out but don’t think you have to be a body builder with a smooth oily chest just to get your girl. Most of us, find that just as unattractive.

Lastly we have below the belt–Jeff and I recently watched the movie “She’s out of your league” and I thought I was going to fall on the floor laughing when the main characters buddy had the shaver out and was trimming the hair up around his balls. I am pretty sure most men don’t go the route of asking a buddy to help with this task but that being said gentlemen, as girls, we do like to see the tree amongst the forest. So clean it up down there but avoid the wax when manscaping this area. From what I hear the skin in that area is way too sensitve. Plus I don’t know about all girls but again I want a man not a boy. So there is no need to head to the salon, and again you don’t need to have your buddy come over and help you out, I am pretty sure you can manage this one on your own. Though I suppose if you wanted to you could have your girl help you out.

To sum up what is hot and what is not with manscaping think of it this way–the word manscaping comes from combining man and landscaping. When considering your manscaping options look at is as landscaping yourself. You don’t pull up to someone’s house and say wow, look at the great landscaping and the whole area is bare and lacking “landscapes.” You usually see a well manicured lawn area that is appealing to look at. So focus on taking what you have and making appealing for your girl and yourself.



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  • 2 Responses to “Manscaping–What’s Hot and What’s Not!!!”

    • Roy:


      What a quality post! I like the comparison to traditional landscaping. By that rationale, does that mean I should complement by manscaping by adding perennials and a few rose bushes? That could be my new form of wooing my wife:
      “Hey, Mary–it looks like the tulips are coming up. Want to check them out?”

      Thanks for the laugh, and for the inadvertent love advice!


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