Clean your closet in 1-2-3

Notice the hangers are facing the same direction.

Standing in front of your closet, you sigh and think to yourself “if only I could wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and have my closet miraculously clean itself.” The daunting task of going through clothes and organizing everything in the closet can seem overwhelming. Especially if it has been a while since you cleaned it out last. However, cleaning out your closet does not have to be hard. Although it does require determination and sometimes a little will power, it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

First things first, pull all of your clothes out of the closet. Place them in three piles. Pile number one, clothes you know you want to keep and that fit you nicely. Pile number two, but you may not want to keep. Pile number three, clothes you do not wear because they are out of style, too big, or too small.

Now what……it’s as easy as 1-2-3. 🙂

1. Clothes you know you like and wear often. Take the time and hang all of these clothes back into the closet. Pay attention specifically to the direction which the items are placed on the hanger. Every piece of clothing needs to be hung with the hanger facing the same way. Which direction does not matter. What does matter is that is that they are all the same. (When you get to step 2, this will make more sense.) For clothes that are not hung, make sure to fold and place each piece facing the same direction. If you like the crease of your jeans to be facing towards the inside of the closet, then make sure you place ever folded pair facing the same way.

Step 1 does not take any longer to accomplish than just folding and hanging. It just takes a little thought as to how you place things into the closet. Assuming you want your closet to look neat and tidy, this should not be an issue for you.

2. Clothes you are not sure if you want to keep or throw out. All of these items should be pieces of clothing that DO fit properly. Their only downfall is that you do not wear them often, or you are not sure if you will wear them again. Hang all of these items in the opposite direction from the items you hung in step 1. This means that you hanger is reversed and that your clothes are facing the opposite direction. It is essential that these clothes are facing in the opposite direction because you want these items to stand out. You want to be annoyed a little by the fact that these clothes are facing the wrong direction. The annoyance will help remind you that you need to wear it or get rid of it.

For folded items, stack them in the opposite direction as the previous items folded. The crease should be opposite of the items you folded in step 1. It will look a little untidy, but again, this will help you weed out the clothes you actually wear and should keep. As you do wear items which you have placed in the closet backwards, you will need to return them to the closet, hanging and folding them in the correct direction. This switch will allow you to see the clothes that you do wear versus the clothes that you don’t wear.

Give yourself six months. In fact, mark it on your calendar. Let your smart phone send you a whopping reminder that it is time to review your wardrobe. At the six-month mark, take a look into your closet. Everything that is still facing in the opposite direction needs to be immediately removed. If you still have not worn it in six months, the likelihood of you wearing it is slim to none. These items have worked their way into being part of pile 3. And what do we do with pile 3?

3. Clothes you do not wear. This is everything that you do not like. Everything that had gone out of style and you do not wear any longer. It also includes all items that are too big or are too small. Stop holding on to your skinny and/or fat clothes. If you cannot fit in them now then get rid of them. Other than that one pair of motivational pants, everything in this pile needs to go. If you do lose weight and get back down to a size where you can fit into those clothes, then go shopping. Over the years, styles change. Plus you will want to reward yourself. As far as your “fat” clothes; seriously, why are you holding on to those? They only depress you. If you do gain weight, won’t you want to go shopping and get a few new things to make yourself feel better? There is certainly no valid reason to hold onto clothes you do not wear and do not fit. The bottom line is: get rid of them.

Once you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3, you will be amazed how clean your closet looks and feels. Even with some of your clothes facing in the wrong direction, you will still have more space. You will be able to see the things you wear regularly as well as the items you were not you want to keep. Everything you see in front of you fits and has the possibility of being worn. Your closet is now clean, and it was as easy as 1-2-3.

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